Webinar | Thrive Through Menopause

During the webinar we talked about how becoming a Tribe Member with I Am Here, can give you the courage, confidence and CLEAR (compassion, listening, empathy, acceptance and real) skills to approach difficult subjects professionally and personally.

Knowledge is power and below you will find links to information and resources referred to during the webinar.

The Menopause Hub symptom checker:

Menopause Booklets & Fact Sheets | Menopause Doctor Louise Newson:

Women’s Health Concern:

Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace:

Women’s health physiotherapist:

Useful contacts:
Wellness Warrior: https://www.wellnesswarrior.ie/
Dorcas Barry: https://ie.linkedin.com/in/dorcas-barry-ba-hons-msc-8a501534
Loretta Dignam https://www.themenopausehub.ie


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