Yoga Classes

Join I Am Here for a mixed-level yoga class. Beginners are absolutely welcome.

Your teacher Geraldine O’ Neill qualified with a 200-hour yoga training with US-based, YogaWorks in 2007. She has been teaching since then in Dublin yoga studios and in companies, and also internationally as part of bootcamps and retreats. In 2011, she completed her 500-hour yoga training with The YogaRoom.

Throughout Covid, she has taught on Zoom. Geraldine teaches a blend of styles because she has trained in most styles. She believes yoga should be fun and accessible for everyone.

Should you wish to contact Geraldine prior to a class, you can contact her at

Please click the following links to register for your preferred classes and times.
Class Schedule

At your chosen class time:

  • Please make sure the space you are using for the class is free from obstacles, and do try to move away from your desk, space permitting.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing.
  • Log in to the Zoom class.
  • Be ready to have fun and bring a beginner’s mindset – this is a chance to connect with your Team in a different setting.
  • Bring water.
The class will last approximately 45 mins.
If you are unsure as to whether or not you should practice yoga due to any health problems, please consult your doctor.

While every effort is made in the course of the sessions and classes to provide practices, exercises and training suitable to the student, it is the duty of the student to inform the teacher of all illnesses or weaknesses of any nature that might render the practices, exercises and training, injurious or strenuous to the student.

It is not necessary for the student to undertake the practices, exercises and training suggested by the teacher. All practices, exercises and training are undertaken by the student voluntarily and in the event of accident or injury, no claim will lie against the teacher or the organizer of the classes.
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