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At PulseLearning, we want to live our values through our actions every day. Collectively looking after each other to ensure we are getting the help and support that we need is an expression of our vales of safety, customer, delivery, flexibility, people and teamwork. I Am Here empowers us all to have the courage, confidence, and skills to help our fellow Team members, friends, family, and community.

PulseLearning welcomes you to complete the following I Am Here online courses. To get started, watch the video below and then scroll down to register.

Introduction to I Am Here

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Creating a culture at PulseLearning where
it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

Help and Support

Our mission is to ensure that everyone and anyone has access to the help and support that they may need. We also recognize that the struggles we face are individual and very diverse. There is a range of support and services that exist in your region. Knowing where to signpost people to is part of the I Am Here journey. We will continually update this resource to ensure that  I Am Here Ambassadors have the most up-to-date information.
Also, remember that this resource is also there for anyone who needs help without intervention and wants to reach out. If you are feeling at risk or need immediate help, please do pick up the phone; there is someone there waiting for you.

Ask our Super Ambassador

As an I Am Here Tribe Member or Ambassador, you can reach out to our Super Ambassadors at any time. They can help answer any questions you have about your role. You can also speak to our Super Ambassadors if you’re not feeling ok and you’d like someone to act as a signpost for you.

Our Super Ambassadors can be contacted at barry@iamheretribe.com or grace@iamheretribe.com.
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