Can getting back to nature improve your mental health and wellbeing?

What we’re looking at this week…

Many leaders are trying to make their workplace more inclusive; however, there’s some debate over what inclusion means.

This graphic, shared by Catherine Ann Reid, beautifully displays the difference between inclusion and integration. We noticed that, in the integration example, the dots still had a border around them. It’s the same border we see for segregation.

This border implies that, while these people have been brought into the circle, we’re seeing them as ‘others’. We might not be giving them opportunities to join in. Is your workplace truly inclusive?

What we’re watching this week…

Can getting back to nature improve your mental health and wellbeing?

In this video, Sir David Attenborough states that nature can have a positive impact on us. The video suggests there’s something reassuring and calming about being around things that were in this world before us and will still be here after we’re gone.

What we’re reading this week…

Our mental health and wellbeing are supported by six pillars. One of these pillars is our Financial Wellbeing.

According to the i newspaper, over half of UK employees have had mental health challenges linked to financial concerns. Many workers went into furlough schemes, which paid them 80% of their usual wages, or watched as the businesses they worked for collapsed.

How has the pandemic impacted your finances? Has it affected your mental health and wellbeing? Let’s start a discussion on our Twitter page.

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