Do I feel isolated?

What are we reading this week?

The following read explores whether isolation is a feeling. It details how our experience of emotions differ in accordance with our individual circumstances and personal histories. At I Am Here, we found it interesting to read how our feelings of isolation can be quite different from one another and how important it is that we don’t judge others by our own experiences, behaviors, and reactions. Our encounters of isolation are distinct and separate from one another. [5 Minute Read]

What are we watching this week?

At I Am Here, we are watching Barbara Sher’s talk on how isolation can be a dream killer. Barbara was an inspiring author, coach, and speaker who continues to inspire long after her passing in 2020We think it is a clever clip because it highlights how important we are to one other’s dreams. Some of the dreams, goals, and ambitions Barbara documents sound like near “impossible dreams.” However, we find it heartwarming and inspiring to learn how connection, collaboration, and community can make very possible what might seem otherwise impossible.  [21 Minute Watch]

What do you think of the message behind this talk? What are your thoughts on the individual dreams Barbara tells us about and the advancement of these dreams that are made possible through the connection with others? Is isolation a dream killer?

What are we quoting this week?

This quote struck a chord with us at I Am Here. We think it is important to make the distinction between choosing to be on our own compared to being isolated from others.

“There is a difference between solitude and isolation. One is connected and one isn’t. Solitude replenishes, isolation diminishes.” – Henry Cloud, best-selling author and acclaimed leadership expert