Do we see the bigger picture?

What are we reading this week?

The following is a guide to neurodivergent inclusive hiring. We often talk about equality, diversity, and inclusion, but do those discussions extend to neurodiverse people?

At I Am Here, we found this article to be a valuable insight into how our acceptance and inclusion must extend beyond race, gender, and sexuality. We loved that this was written by a neurodivergent person. It’s incredibly important to listen to their challenges and needs first-hand.

Read the article [6 Minute Read]

What are we meditating to this week?

Have a look at the following image from Amanda McGuinness. Do you see the bigger picture? Are there things that we take for granted that might present challenges for neurodiverse people? Could something that seems simple to us be more difficult for them? Is the opposite also true? Can something we find hard come naturally to a neurodiverse person?

Have you misread a situation? Have you misread a person? Have you made assumptions without the full facts? Have you been open with others about your challenges? What was the response to that openness? Let us know, so that we can share your knowledge, your understanding, your inclusion, and your acceptance.

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Who are we quoting this week?

Do we stop, reflect, and show our Empathy CLEAR skill to others, or do we react instantly? Our course, I Am Here for Me: Self-checks, talks about how we can give ourselves space to respond instead of reacting. How could this practice change our interactions with neurodiverse people? We would love to hear your thoughts.