Looking beneath the surface

What we’re looking at this week...

Have you ever met someone who seemed to have everything in life just sorted? Do you compare yourselves to others in the belief that their lives are better than yours?

This graphic, shared by Martin Dearlove on LinkedIn, reminds us that people aren’t always as perfect as they might seem. The way people present themselves to the world doesn’t always give us a full picture. This is especially true on social media, where we can pick and choose the parts of our lives we want to share with others and perhaps the truth we’d prefer not to share.

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What we're watching this week…

We might not know how other people are feeling. However, our I Am Here CLEAR skill of Empathy can help. It places us in someone else’s shoes and supports us to see things from their perspective. It can help us imagine what someone might be thinking or feeling.

This video from the Cleveland Clinic gives some thought-provoking examples of what people in a hospital might be going through. It certainly pulled at our heart strings. You just never know what the people around you might be going through, yet everyone has their own story. We all have pain and sadness, times of joy and loss.

What surprised us this week…

One of the emotions we all experience at some time in our life is grief. It’s most often associated with death.

This graphic challenges that, saying grief isn’t just for death. Grief is a sense of loss. That loss isn’t limited to a loss of life. We can grieve a job we had to leave, a relationship that’s ended, or an old car we cherished.

Grief can also be healthy. It can allow us to reflect on our past and obtain a sense of closure.

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