Simple affirmations – what would you add to the list?

What we’re looking at this week...

We’ve shared a lot of inspirational quotes, but this is the first interactive one.

This graphic, posted by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, talks about what we deserve. They’ve cleverly left the last entry blank for us to complete. This really got us thinking.

What would you write?

What we're listening this week…

What, if anything, does it mean to be a man today? Are people conditioned and gendered from birth by their parents? Are our views of masculinity damaging and outdated?

In this episode of The Courageous Life podcast, Dr Andrew Reiner tackles these questions and more. Discussing his seminar, “The Changing Face of Masculinity,” Dr Reiner presents interesting insights into male behaviors and where they might have originated. He challenges whether old beliefs and expectations have any place in today’s world.

It certainly made us reflect on not only our own behavior, but on that of our fathers too. Maybe it’s time to break the cycle?

What we're reading this week…

Have you noticed a change in someone’s mood or behavior? Maybe they seem more anxious than usual? Perhaps they’re surprisingly upbeat? Did you acknowledge it, or did you ignore it?

Alisa Yu, an Organizational Behavior PhD student, noticed that verbally acknowledging patients’ feelings created a sense of trust. She teamed up with Justin Berg, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, and Julian Zlatev, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, to explore this idea in more detail.

They found that acknowledging others’ emotions out loud can be a sign of good intentions and helps to build trust between people. It opens a path for honesty and healthy vulnerability.