3 Simple Ways to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing

3 Simple Ways to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing

If you do nothing else this week… 

Read this piece about languishing.

If you’re having trouble concentrating and feeling a bit joyless and aimless as the result of the pandemic, you could be languishing. This sense of stagnation and emptiness leaves you feeling like you’re muddling through your days, and that you’re looking at your life through a foggy windshield. Writing in the New York Times, Adam Grant takes us through the psychology of languishing and how achieving a sense of ‘flow’ may just be the antidote. Read more here >>>

What are we reading this week?

Shane Breslin is a writer and host of the excellent “The Life Well Lived” podcast. Shane sends daily emails based on the changes we’ve all experienced in our lives – both good and bad – since COVID-19 took hold. He writes vividly about the return of our freedom, our relationship to loneliness, how some will miss the relief of lockdown, and lots more. All of Shane’s updates can be found here >>>

A quote we’re thinking about this week 

“Cinema can fill the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.” Pedro Almodóvar, Spanish filmmaker and director

  One thing we’ve missed in the last year is a trip to the cinema. That physical act of being with others and sharing a common experience before the lights go down is a unique and special event. Then, we get the chance to enter the world that the filmmaker presents to us. It’s an intoxicating thing. In the meantime, let’s look forward to the world that opens up after COVID-19, and the moment we first smell that popcorn…
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