When is “good enough” actually good enough?

What we’re looking at this week…

Do you show people your Real self, or do you hide parts of yourself from others?

Amelia Sordell, Founder of Klowt, encourages us to be our Real selves. Real is one of I Am Here’s five CLEAR skills. It can be described as how we behave when we believe no one is looking.

Sometimes, we change how we act and what we say based on who we are with, where we are, and what we want to achieve. While that can be useful, there are also benefits in being our Real selves.

We explain “Real” in more detail in our I Am Here: Tribe Members, I Am Here: Ambassadors, and I Am Here for Me: Real courses. You can find all of them on the I Am Here Arena. If you don’t have access to these courses, talk to us about bringing I Am Here into your workplace today.

What we’re watching this week…

What makes a good leader?

This graphic comes to us from Anuj Magazine. It shows us that leaders can be mentors, friends, and lead by example. Great leaders teach, protect, and open doors for their teams. They take pride in their Team Members’ successes and are happy to roll up their sleeves and pitch in when the going gets tough.

Which leaders do you remember fondly? What kind of leader do you strive to be? Celebrate your favorite leaders with us on our Twitter account.

What we’re reading this week…

When is “good enough” actually good enough?

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” That opening quote from this article by Psyche is one that most of us have heard before. Maybe it was one of our parents, teachers, or leaders that we heard it from?

It’s ok to take pride in our work; it’s ok to want to do the best job we can. It’s also ok to recognize that work has to be delivered within budget, available resources, and timelines. It’s ok to know that not everything can be perfect.

General best practice is to follow the 80% rule, and Psyche’s feature has a lot of advice on how we can change our perspectives in this regard. It largely speaks to the idea of Compassion, another of I Am Here’s CLEAR skills. At its core, it’s about being kind to ourselves. A healthy mindset in this area can also help us avoid stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Are you a perfectionist? What impact does it have on you? Has Psyche’s article helped you change your perspective? Reach out, we would love to hear from you.