Are you too hard on yourself?

Are you guilty of giving out to yourself? Have you ever found yourself insulting yourself or calling yourself negative names? If so, ask yourself, what is behind these internal conversations? What has prompted them? Then, ask yourself, would you talk the same way to a friend? Would you insult them, in the same way you insult yourself? At I Am Here, we think it’s time to talk about being too hard on ourselves.

What are we reading this week?

This article, from Reach Out Recovery, is worth a read as it fleshes out what the priorities in life can be when it comes to good long-term mental health and wellbeing. The piece stresses how children’s emotional health is more crucial than any test result achieved in school. How a child feels waking up in the morning or going to bed at night is more important than a grade on a piece of paper. Have a read and please us know your thoughts at I Am Here. Read the article (4 minute read)

What are we looking at this week?

We are looking at the visual from Susan David, Ph.D. – a Psychologist at the Harvard Medical School – which urges us to concentrate on progress rather than perfection. We like the tagline at the bottom: ‘Make music, not applause’, which encourages us to do things for the love of it, rather than for the validation of others. What do you think? A nice way to approach life? Look at post.

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What are we thinking about this week?

This week we are watching a video called ‘Self-Hatred & Anxiety’ from The School of Life. The reason we may feel more anxious than we should lies in an unusual place: Self-hatred. In this video, we learn that one strategy of calming down is to learn to unpack the origins of our self-suspicion. This then lays the ground for a more self-loving and compassionate future. The video talks about the reason we may feel more anxious than we should. This lies in an unusual place: Self-hatred. If we think of ourselves as ‘bad’, then surely bad things must happen to bad people. Watch the video

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