Can you inherit someone else’s trauma?

What we’re looking at this week…

The journey towards better mental health and wellbeing can be a long one, and it can be easy to feel impatient.

This graphic, shared by Liz Fosslien, Head of Content at Humu, reminds us that small steps quickly build into a lot of progress over time. Taking even a small step each day is progress that you can be proud of.

What we’re listening to this week…

How do you define trauma? Do you believe you would recognize it if you experienced it?

In this podcast, Tim Ferriss and Paul Conti, MD, discuss how trauma works and how we can heal from it. The idea of generational trauma is one of the topics. For example, it’s possible that trauma felt by World War II soldiers still lingers with their grandchildren today. Want to know how? You’ll have to listen to the podcast in order to find out!

What we’re reading this week…

Can you remember what the world was like before social media? We got an involuntary reminder on October 4 as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went offline.

That outage has sparked a conversation around peoples’ dependency on social media, and its impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Some people felt a sense of relief when they couldn’t access Facebook and took it as a sign to close their accounts. Others tell us they experienced sensations of anxiety and isolation as these apps were their only method of contacting friends and family.

How did you feel about the outage? Were you tapping refresh, waiting for the sites to come back online? Were you one of the people who enjoyed the break from it? Maybe you didn’t even notice anything had happened. Let us know on our Twitter page.

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