Do I get angry?

What are we reading this week?

In her article, 11 Ways to Release Anger, Cindy Lamothe shares her tips for how to safely vent anger.
The point about checking our own perspective reminds us of one of the four questions in our self-checks, “Can I be my own observer?” We can apply our CLEAR skill of Empathy to ourselves. You can find out more about these techniques in our courses, I Am Here for Me: Self-Checks and I Am Here for Me: Empathy.

The tips that Cindy highlights can be used in all situations: personal, social, professional, where we might experience anger and its subsequent stress.

Read 11 Ways to Release Anger (5-minute read)

What are we listening to this week?

This week, we are listening to the Being Well Podcast with Forrest Hanson. In this episode, he talks about How to Claim Your Anger.

It is an interesting and in-depth conversation that covers the costs of anger to our body, mind, relationships, and the greater outside world. It also discusses some of the positive aspects associated with anger.

Forrest and his guest, Dr Rick Hanson, explore how we can utilize our anger positively as opposed to our anger utilizing us negatively.

Listen to How to Claim Your Anger (52-minute listen)

Who are we quoting this week?

“How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.”

– Marcus Aurelius

We often become angry because of a negative event or interaction. This quote suggests that, if we’re not careful, our anger can go on to inflict even more harm.

We can break the cycle of anger and destruction by recognizing when we’re angry and responding appropriately.