Do we have compassion as leaders?

What are we looking at this week?

What does it mean to truly support each other? This week, we’ve seen an astonishing example of support in nature.

This extraordinary image of two trees has been appearing online. One of the trees had been cut down, so its neighbour decided to support and feed it. It’s a really simple and powerful example of support, love, and care. Who would have thought such a strong example would come from trees?

Have you seen any other examples of nurture and support? We would love to see them! You can share your examples with us through our X account.

What we’re thinking about this week…

What does a good leader focus on?

inner, other, and outer focus. The inner focus is similar to our self-check question, “Can I be my own observer?” Goleman talks about how a single-minded outer focus on goals can run roughshod over human concerns.

What do you focus on? Are there any areas you would like to improve? Have you found this article suggestion helpful?

Read this Article  (9-minute read)

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What we’re reading this week…

At I Am Here, we’re guided by our five CLEAR skills of Compassion, Listening, Empathy, Acceptance, and Real. These skills work best when used together.

This article, from Mindful, says that while leaders importantly lead their teams with Empathy, Compassion is often missing from their leadership.

For example, a Team Member might tell us that they need to see their doctor, but they can’t afford to take the afternoon off to attend the appointment. Empathy tells us that our Team Member might be having a tough time or worried. Compassion tells us to give our Team Member paid leave to see their doctor.

You can find out more about the CLEAR skills, and how they can improve your workplace, in the I Am Here Arena.

Read the Article (6-minute read)

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