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What we’re looking at this week…

Do you show your “Real” self to others, or do you hide parts of yourself?
Amelia Sordell, Founder of Klowt, encourages us to be our Real selves. Being our “Real” self is one of the five CLEAR skills practiced by I Am Here Tribe Members. Our “Real” self is how we behave when we believe no one is looking.

Sometimes, we change how we act and what we say based on who we are with, where we are, and what we want to achieve. While that can be useful, there are also benefits to being our “Real” selves.

We explain “Real” in more detail in our I Am Here: Tribe Members, I Am Here: Ambassadors, and I Am Here for Me: Real courses. You can find all of them on the I Am Here Arena. If you don’t have access to these courses, book a call and talk to us about bringing I Am Here into your workplace today.

What we’re thinking about this week…

What makes a good leader?

This graphic comes to us from Anuj Magazine’s Newsletter. It reminds us that leaders can be mentors and/or friends and can lead by example. Great leaders teach, protect, and open doors for their teams. They take pride in their team members’ successes. They’re happy to roll up their sleeves and pitch in when the going gets tough. By prioritizing mental health and wellbeing, I Am Here helps build a leadership culture in which team members can flourish.

Which leaders do you remember fondly? What kind of leader do you strive to be? Celebrate your favorite leaders with us on our X account.

What are we adding to our calendar this week..?

Are you tired of fleeting motivation and failed resolutions? Do you seek lasting success and meaningful change?

Join our transformational webinar Unleashing Success Through Self-Discipline and Habits, on Thursday, March 7th 2.00 p.m. GMT/9.00 a.m. EST. The webinar is hosted by Jim Breen, Founder of I Am Here.

During this workshop, Jim will guide you on how to unravel the power of self-discipline to drive real change, build the right habits, and purge the old ones.