How can we measure mental health and wellbeing?

What are we Looking at this week?

Have you ever felt pressured to be productive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Dr. Noémie Le Pertel shared this comic strip, Today I will do Nothing, by Grant Snider in a LinkedIn post. It reminds us that there’s value to “doing nothing,” resting and recharging. The comic tells us that taking time for ourselves, away from activity, is so important. A quiet day is not wasted time. Indeed, it can be more productive than busyness. As Lao Tzu said of winter, “She does nothing, but leaves nothing undone.”

It’s ok not to feel ok; and its absolutely ok to ask for help.

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When was the last time you sat back and watched the world around you? What effect did it have on you? Is it something you would like to do more often? Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

What are we listening to this week?

What do you do when you feel unfocused or overwhelmed?

In this YouTube video, which contains occasions strong language, Tim Ferriss shares some tips and techniques that work for him whenever he is feeling overwhelmed or unfocused. He provides direct, simple, and practical messages that are easy to understand and use.

We loved how he uses the question, “What would this look like if this was easy?” to frame something that is overwhelming. We might assume that anything worth doing must be difficult to do. That doesn’t have to be the case at all. Using this tip is a way of showing Compassion for ourselves.

You can learn more about Compassion, and our other CLEAR skills of Listening, Empathy, Acceptance, and Real, on the I Am Here Arena.

Watch the video (5:34-minute watch)

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What we are reading this week?

How can we measure our mental health and wellbeing? How do we know if workplace cultures are really changing?

Aon plc’s Working Well: 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey report is a result of surveying 1,648 companies across 41 countries and 25 languages. That’s an impressive and inclusive sample size! Its purpose was to “understand how employers around the world are addressing wellbeing and the impact having a wellbeing program has on their overall company performance.” It encourages an uncompromised, all-in approach to mental health and wellbeing.

The report breaks down mental health and wellbeing into five categories: Physical, Emotional, Social, Financial, and Work Life. These are very similar to I Am Here’s six pillars of mental health and wellbeing—Emotional Wellbeing, Physical Health, Spiritual Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, and Work and Career.

We know that our pillars are interlinked. If any of them comes under strain, it can impact our other pillars. It can also cause us to experience a mental health and wellbeing challenge. You can learn more about these pillars by becoming an I Am Here Tribe Member.

Read the report (20-minute read)


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