How can we regain our confidence?

What we’re listening to this week…

How have the past two years changed us? Have we lost some of our courage and confidence?

In this clip from Irish radio station, RTE Radio 1, Tony Bates, Clinical Psychologist, talks about our next steps in life. He discusses how many of us were comfortable, confident, and self-assured before the pandemic. Tony suggests that we’ve been changed by having to face our own vulnerability.

We have been shown that the world can change dramatically in a very short space of time, and some of us are reassessing our priorities. What’s important to us? What do we want to do with our lives? Can we regain some of the confidence and sense of control we once had?

What we’re looking at this week…

How beneficial is the simple act of going for a walk? It’s a habit many of us have formed over the past year.

This graph, shared by Anthony Venarre, Founder of Fitt Insider, shows an increase in walking workouts across all age groups. He tells us that Garmin hasve reported a staggering 37.13% year-on-year increase in walks logged!

Anthony says that his walks contribute to his mental health and wellbeing, and there’s reason to believe that’s true for most of us.


What we’re reading this week…

We’ve been told that we might be feeling more vulnerable following the past two years and want to regain a sense of safety. We’ve also heard that walking is more popular than ever. Could the two be linked?

We think so. Fitt Insider’s article on The Rise of Walking talks about how it’s an exercise the majority of us can do freely and comfortably. It gets us out of the house, it allows us to rejoin the world around us, and it does it at a comfortable pace that we can control.

At I Am Here, we believe that our mental health and wellbeing is supported by six pillars. We consider these pillars to be linked. They can influence each other. One of those pillars is our Physical Health, meaning our mind and body are connected.

You can find out more about the six pillars and how they can improve your mental health and wellbeing on the I Am Here Arena. If you don’t have access to the Arena, we can add it to your plan today.


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