How to build loyalty through compassion?

How to build loyalty through compassion?

If you do nothing else this week… 

When was the last time you wrote a personal letter?

We loved listening to this podcast featuring author Nancy Davis Kho, who wrote ‘The Thank You Project’ about the time she spent penning one-page letters of gratitude. Every Friday she would sit down and write letters of thanks to family, friends, and even places she’d visited and hobbies that had sustained her in difficult times. “I could instantly feel my shoulders relaxing and my jaw unclenching,” Nancy tells the Kind World podcast about sitting down to write the letters. “No matter how many horrible things had happened this week, I could think ‘OK – I have this one person in my corner.’ It was a really amazing way to do a reset.”

What are we reading this week?

Compassion in the workplace is at the heart of everything we’re about at I Am Here. We even wrote about it here.

With that in mind, we took a lot from this insightful Harvard Business Review piece about meeting mistakes in the workplace with compassion and understanding, rather than with anger and frustration. The piece runs through a number of ways we can respond with compassion the next time a team member makes an error – start, for instance, by taking a moment, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, and always show empathy.

Something a little bit different

We all go through periods of our working lives when thing get on top of us and we feel overwhelmed. It isn’t always easy to have perspective, but things won’t always seem so tough if you keep what’s truly important close to hand.