How to recognize your inner truth?

What we’re Listening to this week.....

Trust is incredibly important to building relationships and being true to yourself.

In this podcast, Tami Simon of Sounds True and Light Watkins, author and meditation teacher, sit down to talk about trust. Light decided three years ago to trust himself enough to sell his possessions and start leading a nomadic lifestyle. He discusses how he recognized and followed his gut feeling. The podcast also touches on how to listen to yourself and overcome fears that hold us back. He discusses how he identifies his inner voices and decides which ones are inner saboteurs to ignore and which ones he should take note of. He speaks to discovering and living life as your Real self. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

What are we reading this week?

Compassion and Empathy are two of I Am Here’s CLEAR skills. They’re versatile skills that can be used in a number of different situations.

This article talks about Compassion and Empathy’s place in leadership roles. Do we create high performance in the workplace through fear of punishment, or is showing Compassion and Empathy towards mistakes a more effective approach? The article proposes we consider the latter approach.

What we’re watching this week...

How much do first impressions matter? Is our second glance at someone more important than our first?

This thought-provoking video from Nic Askew challenges our assumptions about beauty and why we sometimes judge people based on their appearance and first glance. ‘The Second Glance’ talks about what it’s like living with a facial disfigurement, coping mechanisms, and how someone’s initial reaction can be both short-lived and overcome. It also touches on how David Roche has learned how to see his own true beauty.