Let’s talk about loneliness

Let’s talk about loneliness

If you do nothing else this week… 

In a world where we give so much of ourselves to work, social media, and those closest to us, how do we maintain our inner lives?

The Lonely Hour with Julia Bainbridge is one of our favorite podcasts. We love this episode with author Manoush Zomorodi, which focuses on the need to put some boredom back into our lives to help drive creativity. “It occurred to me that I was never bored anymore since I had gotten an iPhone,” she says. “It made me wonder if these very human states, if we got rid of them, what would be missing?”

Time very well spent.

What are we reading this week?

Have you ever felt lonely, even when you’re not alone?

The pandemic has exacerbated feelings of loneliness for many of us over the last year and a half. This piece in Healthline looks at how we can still experience loneliness in the company of others. Living in such close quarters with your family during lockdown can lead to feelings of real isolation. As with any other emotion, however, it passes. As we emerge from the worst effects of COVID-19, reconnection with the places and people we have missed becomes increasingly possible.

Something a little bit different

Sometimes, we all need to remember that thoughts are not facts. They pass, like the weather.