Taking time for yourself

What we’re watching this week...

The core message of I Am Here is that it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

As reported by ABC News, tennis player Naomi Osaka is also sharing the message that “It’s ok not to be ok”. Naomi recently dropped out of the French Open tournament in order to focus on her mental health and wellbeing.

Have you taken time to concentrate on your mental health and wellbeing? How did you feel afterwards? Did you make any long term changes as a result?

What we’re interacting with this week…

A circle of influence looks at things that concern you and whether you can actually do something about them.

On LinkedIn, Dr. Noémie Le Pertel has shared a simple yet insightful graphic created by Liz Fosslien. It reminds us that, while we can’t always control others’ actions, we do have a lot of control over how we respond. It can be a powerful concept to remember in a variety of situations, both at work and at home.

What we’re reading this week…

At I Am Here, we have six pillars of mental health and wellbeing. If any of these pillars come under strain, we might face a mental health and wellbeing challenge. One of these pillars is Work & Career.

This BBC News article reports that 40% of team members at insurance company Aviva are concerned about work-related burnout. They attribute this to an ever-present always-on workplace culture, with 47% of their employees saying they’ve become less career-focused because of the Global Pandemic.

How has COVID-19 impacted upon your work-life balance? Have your priorities shifted as a result?

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