The courage to Show you care

What we’re looking at this week...

This graphic, posted to LinkedIn by Trendin, reminds us that no two days are alike. Some days might seem relatively easy, others can be harder. Whatever’s ahead, whatever challenges you face, progress starts with taking that first step.

Ignite your own spark with Self-Compassion. Learn more about this in our I Am Here for Me series, which our clients can find on their I Am Here Arena.

What we’re watching this week…

September is Suicide Prevention Month. I Am Here is putting Suicide intervention on the map across all our activities, highlighting the importance of watching out for each other.

We asked Barry McGale, I Am Here Advisor and Suicide Prevention Consultant and Trainer, for his views on this important topic. He tells us how important it is to face the subject head on even if we are afraid. If we feel someone might be considering Suicide, we need to have the courage, confidence, and skills to Show you care, Ask the question, and Call for help.

What we’re reading this week…

There’s a lot of discussion about why mental health and wellbeing is important in the workplace. It can sometimes feel like there’s less information on how to create the right environment.

This article from Harvard Business Review offers six practical ways to create psychological safety at work. In particular, the point around speaking human to human stood out for us. Are your communications with your employees formal or conversational? Did you find these pointers to be helpful? Get in touch with us on our social media channels and let us know.
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