What is psychological safety?

What are we adding to our calendar this week..?

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What are we putting into practice this week..?

How can we be our best selves and live our best lives?

Self-improvement starts with self-care. This graphic, posted by thefabstory, provides practical self-care tips that we can all use.

We were drawn to the “Call a Friend” tip that’s in the Connect step. Human connectionour Social Wellbeingis incredibly important to our overall mental health and wellbeing. I Am Here sees Social Wellbeing as one of the 6 pillars that support mental health and wellbeing. Learn more by joining the I Am Here team.

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What are we reading this week..?

Does your team feel confident to tell you about their challenges?

This article, from Chief Learning Officer, suggests that a culture of belonging, and sense of comfort within the workplace relies on psychological safety. Psychological safety allows us to be our real selves, without fearing how others will view us or what they’ll think of us. Feeling the psychological safety to be ourselves is the ultimate display of trust.

Do you believe that there is a real culture of psychological safety within your workplace? This culture can only flourish when teams look after and respect each other’s mental health and wellbeing. I Am Here can help you transform your workplace culture with our simple message that it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.