Why do we resist change?

What are we looking at this week?

We know that self-Compassion is important; so how can we apply it?

At I Am Here, we have created this infographic that includes five practical tips for self-Compassion that you can start applying today.

These tips are:

  1. Keep a gratitude diary: Write down the things you’re grateful for each day. Start with three things. After a few days, you might find your list has expanded. You may even surprise yourself with how many things you appreciate along the way.
  2. Say thank you: Now that you know what you’re grateful for, say thank you. This can apply to people in your life, places you visit, or your hobbies and pastimes. Expressing gratitude is an act of Compassion towards others and yourself.
  3. Schedule your breaks: Put your breaks in your calendar and set a reminder. Where possible, step out of the workplace for your breaks so that you’re not tempted to work too. This is important time for yourself.
  4. View your inner critic as someone else: When we’re faced with discouraging thoughts, hesitations, or doubts, it can be helpful to imagine they’re coming from another person. It can cause us to react differently and challenge those negative thoughts.
  5. Write a letter to yourself: This can help you view yourself as a close friend or family member might. Stepping outside of yourself and your negative thoughts can help you to be kind and considerate and apply self-Compassion.

What we’re listening to this week…

Why do we hesitate to make changes?

In this episode of the Sounds True podcast, former ice skater and Olympian Apolo Ohno discusses his book, Hard Pivot. The book covers many topics, such as self-discipline and dedication, with a focus on how to reinvent ourselves.

Do you feel like you need to pivot aspects of your life? Are there changes you want to make but have been delaying or avoiding? Has this podcast changed your perspective? You can share your examples with us through our X account.

What we’re thinking about this week…

Following on from that podcast, maybe change is something that’s inevitable?

Karen Dwyer has shared this image, stating that not only do we change, but we’re supposed to change. All of us change as we go through life, and that change can be a good thing. Things can get boring quickly if everything stayed the same. That includes ourselves.



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