Would fame change us?

What we’re looking at this week…

When we’re physically unwell, we tend to take medicine. What about when we’re facing a mental health or wellbeing challenge?

This graphic, shared by Bambi Bowden, shows us that medicine can come in many forms. While it’s important to take any prescribed medication you may have, it’s also important to look after yourself in other ways.

What’s your favourite medicine for your mental health and wellbeing? Do you have something that seems to always lift your spirits?

What we’re thinking about this week…

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the tradition of Trick or Treat.

While our kids might be excited to dress up in costumes and eat their weight in treats, consider how the person on the other side of the door feels. Some vulnerable, disabled, or neurodivergent residents may find Halloween distressing for a number of reasons.

Have fun and enjoy the evening. If someone’s house is decorated, there’s a pumpkin outside, and they seem to have opted in, go for it! At the same time, be mindful, respectful, and considerate of households that have chosen not to participate.

What we’re reading this week…

Can fame change us? What impact could becoming famous have on our mental health and wellbeing?

In this article, entertainer Tim Minchin discusses his experience and why he decided to take a break from the spotlight. He says that fame rewires our brains. He didn’t want to risk turning into a different person.

Do you think fame would change you? Tell us on our Twitter page.

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